Ad Genie of Tulsa
Is YOUR business looking for the sweet “spell” of success? Hi, I’m the Ad Genie.  And your marketing success IS my command. Success isn’t a magic act.  You can’t drink a magic potion, wave a magic wand, or rub a magic lamp to make customers instantly “appear” through your doors.  Lasting Success comes from: ANALYZING what’s important to YOU… and YOUR prospect customers.   DISCOVERING those very special features of YOUR business that make it a BENEFIT for your prospects to do business with YOU instead of your competition.  And then ..... SHOWCASING  those features in an effective marketing message that brands your business as the leader in your industry --- wherever you advertise--- from radio, television and print  to coupons, business cards and door hangers. So give me a call today, and together we’ll “SMOKE” your competition!
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